Summer (much belated) update!

Just an update on the state of the show. I took a summer job at a live music venue, and the hours have been hectic so I've found little time to focus on the podcast. Episode 46: The Fall of Fort Vaux is written, and once I carve out a free day it will be posted. It should be up in the coming weeks. August might be a difficult month, but because fewer acts have been booked there should be some more flexibility with the schedule. July was a monster, so I'm glad it's nearly over.

Since the job is so mind numbing, I've had a lot of time to think about how I want to approach things. Once things settle down for good in September, we'll hit the ground running and press forward. I've acquired a lot of great sources on the campaigns in the Mid-East and Caucasus, and I also plan to create a mini cast (5-8 eps) that focus exclusively on the air war. As a huge aviation nerd, that should be a lot of fun!

So have no fear, the show is not cancelled but I've had to put it on the backburner for a while. Apologizes for the delay but I hope that when we get back on the track this break will be well worth it.



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