An important heads up…

It turns out that the Great War Podcast will be taking two weeks off between episodes, so there will be no installment this week (August 25). I do sincerely apologize for this but it's for the good of the show. I confess that when I started this podcast I pretty much just jumped right into it headfirst. There was no grand outline, save for a few brief sketches of where I wanted to take it next. Initially it was just a fun hobby, but has come to take up more time then I had previously imagined.

So my plan is to take the Labour Day long weekend off, stuff my face with ribs at the Burlington Rib Fest and then launch right back into this thing for the week of September 8th. That should be just the right amount of time to get everything in order and be ready to hit our discussion of the Balkan Wars and July 1914 in full force.

Feel free to send an email ( or a Tweet (@GreatWarPodcast) for any comments or suggestions about the show.

I appreciate your patience in all this.


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